3 most frequently asked questions about Salt Water


.... and the answers

1/ Can you play in the sea with these sandals?

 Absolutely, some mums even give them a wash. They are the ideal all-round sandal to wear all summer long.

2/ When trying them on for the first time, they pinch a little. How can you solve this?

It is normal for them to pinch a little. It is leather after all. You can also stretch the sandal straps by hand (very strong, you know ). This method is also mentioned on the inside of the shoe box under "fitting instructions". Alternatively, you can get the sandal wet and put it on like that. While drying, the sandal will take on the unique shape of your foot.

3/ How do the sandals fit?

They have a narrow fit. If your feet are wider, the models with the buckle in the front are ideal.

And where can you find them online? Through this Salt Water link!

New brands coming to Anna Pops


These 2 women brands are being added to the Anna Pops portfolio this season.

At Anna Pops we think it's important to keep renewing and innovating. We already have some wonderful brands in our range but every now and then we add new gems. 

Missing you already

Missing You Already was born with the moment of sweet memory of meeting and missing friends from the fashion industry in Paris, New York, Seoul or anywhere else in the world that every person can relate to. A Korean brand of resortwear that is meant to become a part of daily life reminding of the beautiful moments, people and places that make you smile and warm your heart. Capturing the freedom and freshness of summer breeze, Missing You Already creates easy to wear and perfect to lounge in long dresses, tops and pants made with excess fabric to provide comfort of movement and flow of freedom, which also can be worn as a daily Summer look

Filled with desire


Autumn - Winter 21

The café is the trendsetter of your neighbourhood, of the city... 

It is the place where history is written and memories are made.

There are no ranks or positions here and lives pass by unnoticed. 

You can play a game, share wild ideas or hang around the bar until late.... 

In short, enjoy the sincerity of a slow life.

Our new collection 21.

Fotogafie: Valentine Raeman

Café Den Babbelaer - Aalst

New brands coming to Anna Pops


These 8 brands are being added to the Anna Pops portfolio this season.

At Anna Pops we think it's important to keep renewing and innovating. We already have some wonderful brands in our range but every now and then we add new gems. These are the new brands you can expect this winter.


The very first newcomer is Aigle. A French shoe brand that is mainly known for its rubber boots and has been around since 1853! The boots themselves are made entirely of rubber and are mostly made in France. High quality and attention to detail are the core values of each collection, guaranteeing a perfect and durable product. In short: perfect boots to make the puddles unsafe.

Bandy Button

Bandy Button is a French brand founded in 2015 by Jessica Ben-Ami, who has become a fan of children's fashion since the birth of her children. She started making pieces by hand, for her children and those of her friends, but word of mouth, she was quickly overwhelmed ... It was then that, at the initiative of her entrepreneur husband, she decided to create a "real collection. The essence of Bandy button is to create 'cool' clothes in which children feel good and comfortable to play carefree and discover the world ...


Then there is Beauw. A Belgian brand founded by Géraldine De Mey. She makes all the pins herself from wood and FIMO, a kind of modeling clay that hardens in the oven. They can be combined with all your outfits and add a cool accent to your hair. 

Daily Brat

Daily Brat is an Amsterdam based baby & kids clothing label. They offer a beautifully curated collection of future classics for girls and boys. The philosophy revolves around high quality natural fabrics (organic where possible), all fairly produced in Portugal, modern, timeless shapes and well-made pieces that will do well in your wardrobe season after season.

Shop: Eugeen Bosteelsstraat 10, Aalst - order@annapops.be - +32(0)53 41 57 39 - open from Wed to Sat, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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