New by Anna Pops AW18


These are our 5 new brands...

Repose Ams

The ideal brand for beautiful basics as far as we are concerned! This Amsterdam brand is timeless and can last for years because of its simplicity. Comfort and design come together harmoniously through colours, shapes and textures. Refined yet comfortable, fashionable and yet casual. We are such a fan! A top addition as far as we are concerned. Production is located entirely in Europe, in particular, Portugal.

Fish & Kids

While walking around Playtime in Paris, we immediately noticed this brand! Not a super large collection, but a few real masterpieces and eye-catchers.This Spanish children's clothing brand goes for absolute authenticity. Fish and Kids is a distinctive brand with an eye for detail and prints. They work with pure fabrics such as cotton and linen. Nice detail: some items can be worn unisex and we love it so much.


With Soeur, a French brand, we meet the demand for beautiful high-quality clothing for teenagers and moms with that little bit more. We notice that teenagers are looking for their own style and want to use it to express their personality. This brand is all about authenticity, accessibility and natural simplicity. The collections are a bit boyish and inspired by the aesthetics of the New Wave, the Scandinavian style of the fifties and the English traditions. Well made clothing with a perfect cut is what this brand strives for. The cotton comes from India, the knits are finished by hand and the last part of the production takes place in Portugal and Eastern Europe.

Novel Walk

Novel Walk, a Barcelona-based brand, creates contemporary cool children's shoes.It is important that children's shoes are comfortable and durable and look beautiful at the same time. Novel Walk does exactly this: they are distinguished by the perfect harmony between innovation, high-quality craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality. All this in an environmentally friendly way, in which sustainability is not a distinguishing factor, but an essential requirement! Well-studied shoe lasts are used as a starting point, providing excellent fit and comfort without sacrificing style. We thought this brand was really a match for our style!


Rondinella, an Italian family business, where all generations use their talent, knowledge and creativity to offer children the best shoe collection.To this day, the shoes are still made locally in Monte San Giusto, Italy.Rondinella has refined shoes as well as tough or sporty models.The choice of leather used, the treatment of the leather, the anatomical fit and the detailed finish ensure that our little ones feel comfortable in these shoes.The designs always guarantee a perfect fit and several models have a removable sole so that they are suitable for arch supports.

Anna Pops, whatisda?


A super conversation with the madams of Maison Slash

Read with us what we have shared with Maison Slash as parentpreneur...

ANNAPOPS, whatisda?
Annapops is an experienced store with personalized shoes for your kids, but also unique children's clothes and silly accessories. We sell children's shoes from size 16, but also the moms can expand their shoe collection here! At Annapops you will find outfits for 2 to 14-year-olds. But older sons and daughters also like to come here, so soon the supply will - literally - grow to 18 years.

Out of mind of? 
Fashionable, driven and with a great sense of style: that's Tina, a 36-year-old girl's mom. Her daughters Los and Fauve will soon be 6 and 8. It's a shame she has only discovered her entrepreneurial side at a later age. She holds a bachelor's degree in construction and should, therefore, have become a site manager. Were things different for a while! After some real estate sales, the sale of kitchens and a job in the city, she now has her own shop. From real job hopper to parentpreneur, so! 

How it all started
The idea for the shop came after the birth of our eldest daughter. The classic story: we didn't find a decent, cool children's shoe for her in Aalst. After a search that seemed to last forever, we ended up in Ghent. There I found my appetite. But whether I really wanted to drive that far every time for a new couple! And so my husband and I decided to start a shop ourselves: why not, together, we as a couple? And so we opened a tiny business, just at our home, in a street where few shoppers actually come. So that quickly called for an online launch: we had to make ourselves heard on the global web! Our e-shop also saw the light of day in this way. The name Annapops? We devised these on holiday in France. We got to know a British family there: that mother spoke to her daughter with pops and we thought that was an extremely cute trout name. One came to the other. 

What are the reactions?
We sell beautiful shoes. And the advantage is that they actually sell themselves. Every small customer later becomes a living advertising board: they get compliments and people ask where they found those nice walkers. That's how they end up with us. Parents also like to come here because they have so much confidence in our taste so some of them let their children choose from our wide range. And then those little ones are so happy they were allowed to choose by themselves and mom and dad go home satisfied. No quarreling, pure fun! 

What is ANNAPOPS for you?
Annapops collects shoes that are beautiful and good at the same time: crafty and honestly made shoes that are lovable for children's feet. Our range of outlet shoes (- 50%) is also wide which allow moms and dads with a smaller budget also to choose quality. I want everyone to feel welcome here and love it when customers take their time. Something that is not always easy with children. Now, we only have the possibility to take a coffee in quiet moments, but in the future, we would also like to provide tables, chairs, and stacks of newspapers. So parents and children can relax before, during or after browsing through all the nice corners of the shop. 

What is your ultimate dream?
In order to make it a real experience store, we need more space. And we've found it, so our plans for the future are bubbling! I see Annapops as a wonderful meeting place where you can stay long and relaxed with the whole family. And what else? A second shop in a real big city! Although I feel that a conversation with the skillful boys is needed. Have a good chat with people who do know how to draw up a business plan and how to deal with larger budgets! Until now we did everything on our senses and did not take any major risks, but for the next steps, I can use some help. 

I am a slash parent/parent and also want good children's shoes.  What should I pay attention to?
The ideal children's shoe is one made of leather. That natural material is the best way to serve those small sweaty feet. Don't forget that children sweat much easier than adults and that their shoe closet is usually a lot smaller (which makes them less likely to alternate). In addition, a sturdy heel piece is important to absorb shocks and only the nose may fold. Fabrics sneakers that you can wring out like a mop are a no go. Always measure children's feet before you shop (or have them measured in the shop) and provide a growth margin of 1 centimeter. And then this last, but oh so important tip: let your kids walk on barefoot often enough. This gives them firm muscles for their feet. Hippie hop! 



General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a European law for the protection of privacy. Because many people want their privacy, we would like to inform you about how we handle the data we collect. We believe that our Anna Pops fans have a right to the protection of their personal data and we have modified our privacy statement on our new site. We promise that we will protect your personal data and will never share or sell it to third parties. 

More information about our privacy statement? Contact us by e-mail.

Our own shoe collection


Ocra by Pops

We have a weakness for unique shoes, you already knew that. It was a matter of time before we released our own collection. In May last year, we visited the factory of shoe manufacturer Ocra in Italy and the idea grew to design a small collection exclusively for our customers. Together with the factory, we looked for quality leather, a refined finish, and of course an excellent fit.

Mini Collection
During the design process, we paid attention for proportions: the height of the shoe, distance from the nose to the onset of the fasteners, the thickness of the sole, etc. The result is a mini collection of 9 different shoes in different sizes. Timeless models with an original choice of lace positions and materials. We choose for example materials who change color according to the light that falls on them. There is a first step and a derby. The shoes are available online as well as in the shop in Aalst.

The connection 3.0


Where taste makers meet fashion makers

The connection 2018 is over! That this 3rd edition was successful again is also shown by the turnout. More than 600 curious people came on Friday evening. They were able to enjoy the spring and summer collections of 2018. In addition, the attendees have had a real total experience: taste makers meet fashion makers! 
The ultimate experience this year consisted of:
* 5 stages dressed as green islands spread over 2 halls;
* 5 families who showed the collections;
* Food of l'Histoire 32 and Cheeses of Van Tricht
* Music by DJ R. Rolex

Women's clothing and accessories from Bogaert, clothes for men from Pastoor, spectacles and sunglasses from Pupil, children's shoes and clothing from Anna Pops, hairstyles through Le Salon. 

All this is made possible thanks to: Bogaert (women), Pastoor (men), Pupil (optics), l'Histoire 32 (food & drinks), Puur groen (green setting) and le Salon (hairstyles). 
This year we have been able to call on a number of experts who have assisted us: De Filatuur, De Kringwinkel Teleshop, Cme and Kazen Van Tricht. We are also very grateful for all the help behind the scenes and from all the super models.

Thanks to all visitors for making another great edition of it... On to the next one!
... we are already very proud,
Anna Pops

New by Anna Pops SS18


these are our 2 new brands...


Bohemian with a twist! Clothing for boys and girls, from 2 to 10 years old. The quality is great and the style is child-friendly and fun.Piupiuchick is a brand from Porto, Portugal. The brand started online in 2012, grew at a good pace and is now participating in major fashion fairs such as Playtime Paris. Today they already have their own flagship store in Foz.

Why do we like Piupiuchick so much? Everything is made with great attention to quality and detail: unique, original patterns and carefully selected colours and fabrics. The use of lots of linen and cotton: light and bohemian with a twist. The collection has beautiful, practical and comfortable pieces in different styles. Ranging from vintage and classic to modern and hip. Their core values are creativity, passion and a sense of humour. These fit completely within the picture of Anna Pops!

You can come to the collection to fit in our store in Aalst or view and order online.

East end Highlanders, Japanese minimalism!

We find that buying boys' clothing is often more difficult than for the girls. Fortunately, there are brands that make a collection in which sufficient colours, models and materials are used, so there is more than enough to choose for the boys as well. 
East end Highlanders is a brand we were very enthusiastic about. The collection is for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old and has the right mix between chic and casual. The collection is carefully made with artisanal technique, by factories, each of which specialises in their own field of expertise, from villages all over Japan. The products of East End Highlanders come entirely from Japan, the fabrics, buttons, zippers and even the yarn used to make the clothing. Their classic silhouettes, super sewing technology, beautiful cuts and colours show real craftsmanship.

Our favourite is undoubtedly the "suit pants", in the long and short version for the boys. But also the "wrap pants" for the girls is a top performer!

Shop: Eugeen Bosteelsstraat 10, Aalst - - +32(0)53 41 57 39 - open from Wed to Sat, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.