New by Anna Pops SS18

these are our 2 new brands....


Bohemian with a twist! Clothing for boys and girls, from 2 to 10 years old. The quality is great and the style is child-friendly and fun.Piupiuchick is a brand from Porto, Portugal. The brand started online in 2012, grew at a good pace and is now participating in major fashion fairs such as Playtime Paris. Today they already have their own flagship store in Foz.

Why do we like Piupiuchick so much? Everything is made with great attention to quality and detail: unique, original patterns and carefully selected colours and fabrics. The use of lots of linen and cotton: light and bohemian with a twist. The collection has beautiful, practical and comfortable pieces in different styles. Ranging from vintage and classic to modern and hip. Their core values are creativity, passion and a sense of humour. These fit completely within the picture of Anna Pops!

You can come to the collection to fit in our store in Aalst or view and order online.

East end Highlanders, Japanese minimalism!

We find that buying boys' clothing is often more difficult than for the girls. Fortunately, there are brands that make a collection in which sufficient colours, models and materials are used, so there is more than enough to choose for the boys as well. 
East end Highlanders is a brand we were very enthusiastic about. The collection is for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old and has the right mix between chic and casual. The collection is carefully made with artisanal technique, by factories, each of which specialises in their own field of expertise, from villages all over Japan. The products of East End Highlanders come entirely from Japan, the fabrics, buttons, zippers and even the yarn used to make the clothing. Their classic silhouettes, super sewing technology, beautiful cuts and colours show real craftsmanship.

Our favourite is undoubtedly the "suit pants", in the long and short version for the boys. But also the "wrap pants" for the girls is a top performer!

5 rules of thumb

by podologist Kaat Parmentier.

5 rules of thumb for a good children's shoe

1. A children's shoe must be of the right size in length, width and height. Also provide sufficient height for the toes.

2. The ideal children's shoe is closed at the back. It has a barely to impressable heel closure/contrefort as well as a good fit around the heel.

3. A child's shoe must bend in the right place: just at the level of the toes so that the foot can roll off normally. There must also be no torsion (twisting) in the longitudinal direction. In other words, you may not be able to swing the shoe out like a mop.

4. Children's shoes should preferably have an adjustable closure: laces or velcro. Button your laces, otherwise your shoe will fall off your foot and the foot will not be stable.

5. Does your child do sport? Make sure you have an adapted sports shoe: a running shoe for walking, a tennis shoe for playing tennis, a football shoe for playing football.... 

WoW what a MUM

Ine Van Overloop.

Mom of 4 children / loves fashion / teaches / ambassador of our shop / ... but what else? We asked her 4 questions...

4 children and all very fashionably dressed, what’s the secret?

Favorite pieces are selected carefully and the outfits of the children are very often attuned. No sets, those makes me shudder, but repeated colors and nuances within a certain style. We never have perfect sets in the closet here.  We like to mix and match ourselves. Combinations that do not speak for themselves, often give a very original result. Character, authenticity and simplicity. I pay a lot of attention to details. The right socks, scarf or cap give that extra touch to an outfit. When that outfit is chosen deliberate, you do not need an army of accessories, just a few great pieces that can be combined with a lot of other pieces and therefore rarely spend time in the closet.

We do not spend a lot of money on (children’s) clothes.

At the start of each season I select the pieces that I really want, I prefer a few great pieces over a bunch of mediocre ones.  Of course you pay more for those pieces , but originality, fitting, and material makes it all worth. During the sales period you can often find nice things as well, and even in the right second hand groups you can sometimes be lucky.


Where do you get your (fashion) inspiration and which are your all-time favorite brands?

I have a few stores and brands that I visit quite often, online most of the time, because shopping with 4 kids... We live in a far corner of the countryside in Limburg, so it is not easy to get to the right stores. In the huge offer of online shops I look for shops with character, a unique style that appeals to me or convinces me. You can call it love at first sight. Entrepreneurs that are driven by passion, people that inspire and dare to chose a unique style.

Instagram is also a wonderful source of inspiration as well… so many moms share so many lovely things. 

The brands that I buy are very different. I often buy with my heart, not with my head. I don’t always pay attention to the brands, but I do have some pieces by the Belgian brands Morley and Simple Kids. I adore Bobo Choses and appreciate TAO for its playful and artistic prints. The kids really enjoy wearing them. But I also like to see my boys dressed soberly and in soft colors.  Those pieces I mainly buy at FUB, Aymara and Kidscase. New Dutch brands like Repose AMS and Mingo have a great line of qualitative basics.

When we buy shoes, I often opt for Eli, Pèpè and Manuela de Juan. Sofia is a  Nathalie Verlinden fan. Pom d’api and gallucci remain favorites as well, certainly for the boys, because they are not only gorgeous but also solid.

Just passionate by fashion?

My husband and I adore pretty, original and pure things. In Music, film, photography, houses, decoration, restaurants, on our own table,… in everything. The theme is character, authenticity, and passion.

Favorite restaurants, Sunday trips and vacation tips with the kids?

Weekends with four children, three of them football players, are always busy. During free moments we enjoy just being at home. My husband enjoys cooking and very often we meet up with friends or family on Sundays.  I enjoy a house that is filled with people. We enjoy being outdoors so a walk in the woods or by the sea is also one of our favorite activities

We haven’t had any exotic vacation destinations so far. We spend our summer holidays in great houses in France. An absolute must is a great view, a pool for the kids and good wine. That is about everything we need. Last summer we even combined that with a week of camping (in a tent!)  Completely back to basics, just fabulous! We need to compromise somewhere if we want to keep affording those clothes ;-)

Her instagram account:

Wow what a year

Our official annual review!.

It was a year packed with a lot of news and more parties :-)

It started with clothes ... original shoes begs for special clothes. Miss Chips, TAO and Louis Louise complete in this story. Miss Chips is synonymous with Belgian elegance, TAO is a quirky and Parisian flair can be found in Louis Louise.

The general public will be introduced to "Anna Pops 2.0" during the fashion show of The Connection. 750 visitors! What a wonderful first edition. Along with Lily à Paris, Pure Green, Pastoor, Pupil, Bogaert and Le Salon we were also very proud. A lot of vibes ... next edition is coming up in March 2017!

More shoes, more clothes, more bags, more accessories, ... it begs for more space and... We tripled our shop in square meters. During the opening weekend we booked Theather Savooi to makes crazy hairstyles, we had delicious drinks and snacks offered by Bouffette and there was a lot of original toys by Em & Moi.

Besides the stunning photoshoots Nena this year we had have our first steps on the set. It was a character video, with super models in an acute setting. Good work, Katrien!

During the fall there was POPS FEST; a 24-hour shopping marathon on Friday with homemade cocktails, coffee and cookies on Saturday and a Sunday morning breakfast with exciting stories read by Carolien.

We do not just partying but this year we were also generous with tips and tricks. During the shoe care workshop in December AssePoetSter explains us her secret care tips.

Fortunately, there were a lot of helping hands front and behind the scenes we could always count on. And the most proud we are of YOU. 
Big thank you to create a fantastic year with us. You makes us smile!
On to a new year ... because 2017 has a lot in store!

Tina, Filip, Fauve and Lois xxx

WoW what a brand

Nathalie Verlinden.

Women's shoes / children shoes / ecological / fantastically beautiful / ... but what else? We fired nine questions to her ...

1.How would you describe your role within ‘Nathalie Verlinden’ – the brand?

I am a busy bee and like to do a bit of everything. I do the design, sales, follow up the manufacturing process in Italy, I take care of the transport and billing but above all, I am a mother. 

2. Where did it all begin? What is the reason you do what you do? What makes you so passionate?

The start was very impulsive. I just followed my gut feeling, but making shoes has proven to be tremendously captivating.

3. If ever you had the chance to travel continuously, what would be the first place you would visit? 

There are so many beautiful and interesting places, but Canada and Argentina are on my to do list. 

4. How does your day start? 

I take breakfast with my 11 year old daughter while we listen to the radio. I always eat a self composed bowl of cereals. 

5. What or who inspires you? 

That varies. It all depends on my focus during that period. It might be art or architecture but also nature or landscapes. 

6. What is your favorite piece of design or art?

I find it very difficult to chose only one piece. One of my favorite designs is the Japanese tea pot by Katsufumi Baba and I bought a few art works recently by John Van Oers, a sculptor from Antwerp. 

7. What is your most beautiful creation so far? 

Again… So hard to chose! I think I am just very proud of the philosophy behind the collection, the eco-friendly way of producing. It is all about quality of life. I am always looking for new and better designs and consider business and the impact it has on the quality of our lives. It is a constant struggle, finding this balance. The importance is doing things better, not just more! 

8. What would be your advise for a young starter, seen from your perspective?  

Passion is not enough. I work in an emotionally driven market, the fashion and luxury industry. Economic times are uncertain, so a longterm vision and strategy are undispensable, in order to survive unforeseen storms.  

9.Do you have any other creative kills that you would elaborate? 

Yes, every season, but I remind myself everytime that the cobbler needs to stick to his last.

Alpine cows in the mist

A journey through Surselva with our kids - Switserland. We choose Switserland as the excellent roadstop between Belgium and Italy. But it's more than a quick stop, we stay for 10 days in Val Lumnezia (the Valley of Light) in Graubünden. Our base camp is a fine designed apartment from Belgian owners, called Casa Lumnezia in Vignogn. 

Summer in the Alps is great for kids.... There are a lot of amazing lakes like the Caumasee in Flims, the Badensee in Davos Munts,... all with the same crystal clear water. Also hiking is a great idea! We take early in the morning the sesselbahn from Bergstation Triel to Piz Hitzegfen and walk over the tops to Piz Mundaum. It's a special moment... just the mist, the alpine cows and the 4 of us. The cows with their typical bells are absolutely not affraid... and sometimes you must "push" them away so you can continue your trail. After this hard "work" we spoil ourself with some wellness at the Waldhaus in Flims. Oh, and don't miss the Rheinschlucht.... it's an amazing monument of nature. 

An other pearl of this region is his high-end architecture; Vrin, the village of architect Gion A. Caminada, Chapelle St-Benedict and the Therms of Vals from architect Peter Zumthor, the Gelbe Haus from architect Valerio Olgiato, the Bundner Kunstmuseum in Chur, ....

Best kept secret of Umbria !

A story of a place to discover and wild boars..... The adventure starts by searching the Farm House of Simon... neither our gps in the car or Google maps guides us to the right spot. But by using our human instinct we finally arrived at our holiday home in Bettona. Surrounded by hills overgrown with olive trees we discover a complete renovated farm house, pimped up with a glass staircase, a fully equipped new kitchen, 3 beautiful bathrooms, 3 large bedrooms, ... a bit spoiled. The most attractive spots are located outside... a great terrace with a panoramic view and an amazing pool that seems endless. Not only the kids are crazy about the swimming pool :-) . A lot of sunshine, fresh fruit, lovely friends and great Italian wine gives us the time of our live. Cities like Assisi or Perugia are not more than 30' away. But even closer there is Montefalco, Bevagna, Bettona and the medival festival of Collemancio. When you are searching for tourists, you are in the wrong region :-)

Late at night, when the kids are asleep, only wild boars disturb the silence of this great place. It's a little bit scary because it's quit close they come...

La nouvelle Anna Pops est arrivée

De Connectie part I : fashion show.

Since our summer season 2016, we distribute three clothing brands that fit perfectly with our philosophy. Miss Chips is a Belgian story and endless elegant. TAO comes up with original models with prints full of character. Not for sissies :-) ! Louis and Louise represents Parisian class .... timeless and refined for boys and girls. The scoop of all this beauty was shown during the fashion show of De Connectie. With Pupil, Pastoor, Bogaert and Le Salon we form De Connectie. We all have a passion for craftsmanship and put it into the spotlight in an original way. Keep an eye on us, more coming up soon!

Photography Studio Nunu

New in by Anna Pops

The water resistant sandals.. Seventy years on and Hoy shoes' classic designs continue to deliver durable leather comfort with a fashion savvy attitude. 
Combined with rust-proof metal tongue buckles and produced in a wide choice of colours and designs, the enduring quality & proven heritage of their sandals is unquestionable. 
Salt-Water originals are defined by their tough little-way stitched rubber sole, whilst the Sun-San range is built upon a more bouncy urethane bonded base.

The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and they mould to the user's feet with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet. 
They are great for running in and out of the ocean and can be popped into the washing machine; the perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.

A summer staple in America for 70 years, they are now being spotted on a growing number of celebrity children such as Suri Cruise, Ramone Saasgard, Matilda Ledger, Romy Mars and Ruby Maguire. 
Grown up fans include Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, Paloma Faith, Fearne Cotton and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

A brand new store

Soon official opening.

Extra m² for more original brands (Saltwater sandals, Minorquines, ...), special accessories (alletheluckintheworld, Keecies, ...) and some clothes (Miss Chips, Louis Louise and The Animals Observatory).
More space, more offer, new original concept store.
Take a look here and make yourself at home ...

Amsterdam + Utrecht

It was very short and intense but so fine....

Two days in Amsterdam and one day in Utrecht. The capital of the Netherlands is a place where it is always nice to stay and so it's so close by. Our favorite neighborhood remains "de pijp" with many concept stores and popups located in and around the Gerard Doustraat. Also Sukha, Hutspot and de Wildernis are unmissable addresses, as well as the good old "negen straatjes". To boost our body we had a stop at YAY and enjoyed a pure natural drink. Lots of crazy combinations! There are a lot nice places to sleep in this metropolis. We found our spot for three days on airbnb

On the way back to our homeland Belgium, we had a stop in Utrecht. In the children's store An Apple a day we met a very nice lady. The children enjoyed themselves in the spacious playground, while the mom's had a look between the beautiful stuff they sell. For the hubbies there is space to enjoyed a delicious coffee or tea. Inside the city walls of Utrecht we had one discovery after the other with some help of the PUHA route. Also the healthy bar SLA was on our list, here you can eat soup and salad on a special way. More hip clothes, you will find at Klijs&Boon, with a very beautiful swing inside (off course our little ones enjoyed this). 

We will put Utrecht on our list of favorites! 

Merry Christmas

Thanks for a wonderful 2015! .

For your orders, your nice talks in the shop, your funny pictures and your trust in our little shop! 

We wish you and your family a warm Christmas and a wonderful 2016!
xxx Filip, Tina, Fauve and Loïs xxx

An original Collegien

Collegien meets SNUG. As soft as a sock and as comfortable as a slipper these Collegien and SNUG.STUDIO slippers will keep your toes warm and cozy. With perforated breathable soles, non-slip spikes and extra soft soles (phthalate-free) for maximum comfort.

The slippers are the designers of Collégien from France. The slippers are wonderfully comfortable, they are composed of a soft cotton sock and a flexible perforated breathable sole with anti-slip studs. So they are perfect for home, but also for the nursery. The shoes are available in various gift prints which have a funny name like Pandi Panda, Pinky Stripes, American Flag and Retro. We find the slippers really great especially now when the cold weather is coming, the shoes are perfect! The shoes are from size 18/19 to 40/41 (European sizes), but please remember that they are one size smaller than usual. What do you think of this fashionable slippers ? Shop all slippers here!

There is more on the next floor

It's something new and as original as our kidshoes.. There is a lot in the pipeline for 2016 .... We are pleased to present two new projects soon. Curious? Do not miss a thing at our website and follow us on Facebook!

No place like home

Shoes with a GPS. Dominic Wilcox has created the world’s first fully functional pair of GPS shoes that will guide the wearer to any destination, no matter where they are in the world. The design of the shoes take the best of traditional craftsmanship and enhance it with a subtle addition of modern technology in the form of embedded GPS in the heel and mini LED lights within the traditional brogue shoe hole perforations.

Anna Pops explains

Guest on E-commerce at Xpo Kortrijk..

Non-stop inspiring case studies , express sessions and a glimp into the store of the future .

We have given the best of ourselves during the panel discussion on e-commerce beyond our borders . The world is the limit!


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