Assembli - 3D insect Chinese Moon Butterfly Yellow

3D insect Chinese Moon Butterfly Yellow


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The beautiful Chinese moon butterfly. Here in glossy sunset yellow.
A nice gift for yourself or someone else.

Making the butterfly is a precise and very delicate task. The small and super detailed parts of the butterfly are made of black cardboard. The wings are made of unique metallic paper in gradient colors to mimic the colorful effect of the real exotic butterflies.
You can mount the butterfly on the wall with or without the included white cardboard display. You can also place the butterfly on the white cardboard display and on your desk, shelf, side table or anywhere else!
You can make it (without glue) in about 15 minutes.

Dimensions: 13 x 14.5 x 6 cm
Color: yellow, black
Assembli is a Dutch brand name that includes the creative collaboration between Lankhorst design and print B.V. and designer Joop Bource. Together we develop modern and challenging self-assembly projects to create a decorative element by ourselves. We prefer to use the word 'project' rather than 'product', because we like to involve the customer more in the realization process than usual. Solving a spatial puzzle, such as our papercraft building boards, can have a positive effect during the completion process. Being offline for a moment, working together with friends or family, proud to have made a sculpture with one's own hands, concentration... each project is a 'mindful journey', sometimes even meditative, but you can also occasionally drive yourself to despair.   ›››

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