Puc - Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac
Puc belts Daydreaming Bag Cognac

Daydreaming Bag Cognac


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You can wear this leather belt every day. Feel like an extra colourful touch? Then pick up the fluorine loops. Will you go for 1 or all of them?
You can also choose a full natural look and wear it subtly on a nice jeans with a white t-shirt or cool blouse.

material: naturally tanned saddle leather
width: 2 cm
including 4 loops to change
extra loops at nude: fluor yellow, orange & pink

Color: brown, pink,yellow,orange,fluo
S (60 – 70 cm)
SMART, SIMPLE AND STYLISH That describes the leather bags by Puc. Designed and crafted in the Netherlands, by hand. As a bag should be made, with love and an eye for detail. One thing is certain – your bag is unique. SLEEK SHAPES, SOFT TONES Puc’s style is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design. Sleek shapes and soft tones, that’s what we like. And of course, the gorgeous leather from Italian tanneries, which we supplement with quality leather remainders. Because we don’t like to waste stuff. Leather is a truly natural product, a living material. Accordingly, visible nerves, pores, scars and minor variations in thickness and color are a sign of authenticity and to be expected. TIPS FOR MAINTENANCE Want to keep your Puc in prime condition? Then we suggest taking note of the following tips. Never store your Puc in plastic and avoid storage in general for any prolonged period of time. Keep in mind: direct sunlight or heavy rain can lead to discoloration. Did your item get wet? Then you’ll want to let it dry at room temperature. Avoid drying your Puc in the sun or close to a radiator or other heat source. You can treat dried-up raindrops and other light stains with dry leather soap foam and a fine, gentle brush or leather sponge. Such stains are also likely to disappear by simply rubbing two (affected) leather surfaces together. Following exposure to moisture and removal of any light stains, re-treat your item using a transparent, water-resistant leather spray, such as Tana/3M. Never treat stains with caustic solvents, such as gasoline or acetone. Leather that has become stiff will recover its malleability following treatment with leather spray. Suede surfaces may initially leave traces of color behind. Likewise, given their slightly higher risk of color transfer, you may want to exercise caution when wearing a black or dark blue item with light-colored clothing.   ›››

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