Blundstone - Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive
Blundstone short boots Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive
Blundstone short boots Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive
Blundstone short boots Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive
Blundstone short boots Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive

Short boot Kids Blundstone Brown Olive


130 €   Incl. 21% VAT

Blundstone shoes are known worldwide for their excellent comfort and quality and they are waterproof!

With theseKids Stout brown olive Leather Blundstone boots you can walk in a dry and comfortable way because each shoe is characterized by a solid PU sole with integrated absorption material that absorbs shocks. The olive elastic strap and iconic brand labels on the front and back of the shoe ensure that you can easily put on and take off the shoes.
With a removable insole, suitable for orthotics.
In short: you walk on clouds, protected against wind and water!
Color: brown
tail fits large
Australian size/European size/cm's:
-9/26-27: 161mm
-10/28: 169mm
-11/29: 177mm
-12/30-31: 186mm
-13/32: 195mm
-1/33: 203mm
-2/34: 212mm
-3/35: 220mm
Blundstone is a family business founded in Australia in 1870. The Blundstone boots have become one of the most famous shoes worldwide and that is not for nothing. WHY CHOOSE BLUNDSTONE? 1 - Blundstone's Schock Protection System: The SPS (Shock Protection System) developed by Blundstone is incorporated in all Blundstone boots. It reduces shocks to the legs by up to 33% while walking. This is much healthier for the body and it ensures that the pain to the legs during walking is significantly less. 2 - Water repellent: Most boots can be treated with Blundstone shoe polish. This ensures that the shoes are 100% water-repellent. This makes cleaning a lot easier and you won't be bothered by wet feet when it rains. 3 - Easy to put on: Blundstone boots are very easy to put on. The distinctive elastic band on the sides of the shoe makes it easy for the foot to fit into the shoe. In addition, the brand labels are very handy to hold while putting on the boots. 4 - Removable footbed: Because the footbed of the shoe is completely removable, a Blundstone is extremely suitable for inserting podiatric soles. This makes them even better for your feet. 5 - They fit every outfit: The last reason to choose Blundstone boots is that they fit every outfit. The boots can have a classy look, but at the same time they can also be very cool or casual. Whatever outfit you wear, Blundstones look good. Another nice fact about Blundstone is that the brand is committed to a cleaner world. Environmental responsibility is an important part of Blundstone's business operations. The use of raw materials, chemicals and fossil fuels is kept to a minimum. For example, a lot of recyclable materials are used, both for the production of each new pair of Blundstone boots and for the necessary packaging material.  ›››

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