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Since 2012, Anna Pops is the answer to the desire for quality and original shoes. In 2017, this story is supplemented by children's clothing with guts.
Unique and sustainably produced items are central to the composition of our shoe and clothing collection. We are not in favour of mass production. Only fashion that is created in a conscious way is given a place here.
The desire to make something tangible comes to life in the 'Anna Pops Creations'. We add an Anna Pops 'touch' to the shoes in the form of a unique colour combination and surprising material applications.
In 2018 we designed our own custom made shoes; Ocra by Pops. Elegant design, refined use of materials and subtle details are central to this.

Interchangeable, driven and very sensitive to beautiful things, that's me, a 38-year-old girl mom of daughter Loïs and Fauve.

I only discovered my entrepreneurial side at a later age. I have a Bachelor of Construction degree in my pocket and so I should have become a site manager. Oh, this is a bit different! After some wanderings in real estate, the sale of kitchens and a job in the city, I now have my own shop. From real job hopper to parentpreneur!

I am constantly dreaming, I don't really want to have an end in sight. To relax, I look for my friend, who is also a member of the Anna Pops family, my friends, including Judith, who is also a member of the Anna Pops family, and my lovely children.


Hello It's me! I am Judith, an energetic, creative spirit that combines spontaneity and common sense in the right dose.

Together with my husband, Maarten, I have a beautiful daughter, Janne, who never seems to get talked out!

When I'm not at work, I love to walk around a city, discover exciting new shops, coffee bars, restaurants, etc. I like to read, eat fries with spaghetti sauce, love floury romantic films and enjoy having a drink with my husband and daughter or with friends, on Sundays, in the cafe.

We appreciate and respect each other so that we can take each other and Anna Pops to the next level.
Being friends and colleagues at the same time can be real. Because sitting together a whole day behind the laptops is fun, visiting a supplier together to choose the new collections is blissful, a relaxing lunch break with a good cup of coffee and just not working is solid enjoyment and with the men and kids there in our spare time it is even more fun!


I am curious and look around me with an open mind. Dive with a lot of enthusiasm into different stories so that I sometimes seem to drown.

From the urge to be permanently inspired, I am active as an architect, researcher, AP8 manager and proud family member of Anna Pops!

To keep the focus and passion for this, nature trips, music, Tina, Fauve and Loïs are my favorite escape addresses. Can also enjoy silence and austerity.

Tip website; www.trendland.com
Tip music; Asgeir

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